"Welcome to SW Community Church. We are excited for the opportuity to meet you in person or anwer any questions that you might have about the SW faith community.  My family and I have been living and serving in the local community for over 15 years and simply marvel at the work that the Holy Spirit has been doing in and among the residents of the local area. At SW we don't think that our church somehow brought Jesus to this local community. We just believe that God is using us to uncover some of the stories that he has been writing in the lives of those who are being transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Chrsit.   See you on Sunday morning!

 Southwest Community Church In Action

Every Summer Southwest Community Church sponsors a community block party in the Black Hills Neigborhood. There are usually over 200 people that come out for dinner, games and fellowship. It is a great way to meet and serve our neighbores. 

We have the same block party for the Roosevelt Park Community during the summer as well.  These two neighborhoods sit side by side with another but there seems to still be a division between them. Our prayer is that the love of Christ will reconcile both communities together. 

This is the heart of what we do. We want to be in relatiosnhip with those in the community.  We want to be available to listen and serve our community in the name of Christ. 




 On July 26, 2015 Roosevelt Park Christian Reformed Church closed its doors in the local neighborhood.  Rooelvelt Park Church had been a part of the community for a very long time and had served the local community in many powerful ways. Due to a changing community demographic and dwindling church attendance the church was forced to make a decison to close its doors. A remnant of the local community that attended Roosevelt Park Church had a desire to continue to serve and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the local community.  The Holy Spirit then connected this group to a local long time ministry leader in the Black Hills Neighborhood who also had a heart to minister the Gospel to the local community and was being equipped to serve as a Pastor within the Christian Reformed Church.  God brought this group together in order to birth what is now the Southwest Community body of Christ. 

  • 2015- Roosevelt Park CRC Closes its doors. 
  • 2017- Remenant group of Roosevelt Park CRC connect with soon to be "Pastor" Allen from adjacent Black Hills Neighborhood. 
  • 2018- Small group begins to invite neighbors over for outdoor meals and fellowship. This quickly becomes opportunity to gather formally and more regularly for worship. 
  • 2018- Weekly afternoon services are held at UICM community center on Godfrey Street SW.
  • 2019- Potters House Middle School opens up its gym doors so that SW Community can gather in the mornngs instead of the afternoons. 
  • 2020- SWCC continues to minister and serve the local community. 


SW Community Church has become a family for us. We have been able to meet new people and connect our children to people who care deeply for the local community. They make sure everyone feels included and welcomed. Thanks to SW Community Church I was able to get the resources I needed to attend nursing school. I am very proud to be attending SW Commuity Church. We look forward to hearing Pastor Allen preach the Word of the Lord each week.


My family and I attend SWCC because of the authentic relationshhip they have with God and the church body. They always  make sure to put God as their foundation for not just the church, but also their own personal relationship with Him. We know our church cares genuinely about us and our relationship with God. We know they are consistently praying for us and our faith. SW is more than just our church they are our family. 

Aaron Collier